Last updated : 24 September 2004 By editor

Arsenal are hoping to move to a new ground at Ashburton Grove in 2006 and Vieira says he plans to be at the club when the move takes place.

''I can't wait to lead the team out there, in front of 60,000 Arsenal fans. It will be terrific,'' Vieira wistfully told The Sun.

''The new stadium and the whole positive direction the club is going in is the reason why I wanted to stay around. Nobody can question my commitment to the club but I will accept any remark about how long I took to make a decision.''

Having got that one off his chest he then tells us that Arsenal are potential world champions:

''I strongly believe that I can achieve all that I want to achieve at Arsenal,'' he continued. ''All around the world our reputation has grown. Players from all over Europe like our style and teams are now scared of facing us. Right now, Arsenal would beat France. The way we play football, yes, Arsenal would win. That shows how far Arsenal have come in the last few years.''