Last updated : 09 April 2004 By Editor

"If I'm brutally honest there are players there now who are no better than average. The biggest problem is that David Beckham has been allowed to leave without anyone better, or even his equal, being brought in.

"Darren Fletcher is going to become a very good player and Ronaldo too, but they clearly aren't ready to fill the great man's boots just yet.

"When I saw the squad for the Porto game I'd have felt disappointed not to be part of it if I had stayed at the club. I'll never be as good as Roy Keane, Paul Scholes or Ryan Giggs, but I believe I'd have been good enough to take part that night.

"Manchester United are the richest club in the world and you expect them to be in there, trying to buy the best players around. Yet that hasn't been happening and I don't know why.

"United’s exit from the Champions League shows again there will never be a group of kids coming though like the one I was privileged to be part of in 1992.

"Most of my mates are United fans and none of them can fathom what’s going on at Old Trafford. There could be troubled times ahead and things may get worse before they get better."