Last updated : 28 January 2007 By Ed

Respnding to Wenger's claim that United "are never the same after 70 minutes":

"It's a load of nonsense. Maybe it is Arsene Wenger trying to look great again, you know, 'I am the great Arsene Wenger'.

"If Arsenal had lost 1-0, as they should have done, what would he have said then? It is petty and absolute nonsense because there is no evidence.

"Against Arsenal last week, it was a lack of concentration from a winning position, but to suggest it was caused by the stamina side of it is absolute nonsense.

"You can analyse it in a lot of different ways. Maybe when we are in winning positions we relax and take our foot off the pedal a little bit.

"That has happened two or three times. At Newcastle, their equaliser was a deflected shot, which is pure bad luck.

"Against Arsenal it was a lack of concentration. We were in a winning position and we were all gutted at the end of the match.

"But, in terms of the stamina side of it, it was absolute nonsense. If they had lost the game 1-0, as they should have done, what could Arsene have said then?"

The Indie:

Wenger was bemused by the suggestion that a remark to his players in the privacy of his team's dressing-room was an attempt at self-aggrandisement, but, while even Ferguson acknowledged that United have been conceding too many late goals in recent weeks, the Arsenal manager felt that his comments had been taken out of context. "It was 0-0 at half-time and I said: ‘Continue to play until the last minute because at Old Trafford [in September], we scored in the last five minutes,' " he said. "I didn't say they crumble in the last 20 minutes. Maybe they do concede more goals in the last 20, but what people forget is that they're often 3-0 up. That's why they're top of the league. They don't collapse."