Last updated : 12 January 2003 By Editor

Again, from the Screws:

"As far as the outside world is concerned he is a huge star — that's definitely his image. Maybe that's because of his wife and how they live. But that's definitely not the Beckham I know as a player in my team.

"He is very modest when he's in the group, even shy and he doesn't like publicity at all. When he is interviewed on television and he sees it, he switches the TV off — like he is ashamed of it. I like him both as a person and as a player. He is simply a lovely boy, a great guy. When I first came to Manchester United, he helped me with everything. And now when I score a goal he is the first one to congratulate me.

"I certainly get great crosses from the right-hand side and he gives me the ball in such a way that the defender can't get to it.

"And the ball always arrives at exactly the right moment for me to score."