Ben Foster Staying Upbeat

Last updated : 09 October 2007 By editor

Ben Foster quoted in the Evening News, "It was all looking rosy for me and big things were expected and talked about for me this year with United and England. But the injury was a devastating blow. You could start tormenting yourself with thoughts of what might have been happening this year for me. Thoughts about United and England went out of the window for me very quickly.

"After the initial upset I just got my head round it and blanked out the `what if' thoughts. I couldn't afford to think or worry about it. The other way I looked at it is that I have a very good chance to work on things and other parts of my game that you don't normally get a chance to when you are playing.

"I have a great opportunity to work on other areas like strength and spring. It could make me a better goalkeeper. The last time I suffered the same cruciate injury in the same knee was when I was at Stoke and I was out for six months then. But I remember when I did come back I felt so much stronger physically. I became a man throughout that.

"I am already feeling stronger now and probably the fittest shape I have ever been in my whole career. That's a big plus from all this."