Last updated : 12 December 2006 By Ed

* MEN:

Paris Saint Germain chairman Alain Cayzac has admitted he would welcome Gabriel Heinze back to the club - but admits there is no move imminent. Argentinian Heinze has seen his place come under threat from Patrice Evra this season with the Frenchman putting in a string of impressive displays at left back. Cayzac told French newspaper L'Equipe: "I would like to make Heinze come back to Paris, but it won't be possible immediately."

* Alan Curbishley appears to be putting himself up for the West Ham job. It seems pardew is tipped in some quarters to move to Charlton.

* Jens 'BGB' Lehmann

"Nothing happened with Drogba. I like him. I think the handshake between us says it all. You can have passion in the game, but as long as you get on with people nicely it's OK. Drogba didn't insult me in comparison to his team-mates - I never insult anybody - and I can't complain with him.

"Some of his team-mates insulted me terribly. Lampard is a specialist in insulting people very badly, but Drogba doesn't say a word. He is a nice guy - he doesn't insult people so I have no problem with him."

* Everton announce plans to move away from Goodison:

"Everton Football Club have given their full commitment to investigating the feasibility of Kirkby becoming the home of their new stadium and will not explore any other possible sites at this time.

"The three parties will produce a joint business plan that considers all potential elements of the proposed development. This plan will then be reviewed to ensure that it represents the best way forward for all concerned including the local community.

"Everton, Tesco and Knowsley Council are fully committed to involving the community and local businesses in discussions over a potential development in the coming months."