Best Squad Ever

Last updated : 05 August 2007 By Editor

'Have we strengthened more than the others? It's difficult to say, difficult to make that comparison, but I know I'm happy with what we've done in the transfer market.

'In Nani and Anderson, we have two players who are going to serve us particularly well in the future.

'Anderson is another fantastic talent who can play central midfield or in the middle in attack. We have spent a fair bit on them but the deals are good value because these boys will give us great attacking options for years to come.

'We have been chasing Hargreaves for over a year and there is no doubt he will give us ingredients that are going to be really helpful, especially in the Champions League. Getting Tevez as well means we now have four really good acquisitions.

'It was a fantastic effort winning the Championship last year and doing it the right way, playing entertaining football, made it all the more satisfying. It was a new team and we always expect them to do even better in the second year.

'I think they will do well next season, no doubt about that. There is some good emerging talent at this club and they will get even better.

'In terms of sheer talent we have possibly not had a better squad than this one but the emphasis will continue to be on winning. We want winning teams, as well as entertaining ones. That is the mentality we will take into the new season.'

More Ferguson quotes in the Mail on Sunday:

'The top four have all done a bit of buying and so have a few others,' he said. 'Liverpool and Arsenal finished 20 points behind us last season and won't want to be that far adrift again, so you would expect improvement there.

'We expect a challenge from the others in the top four, while Tottenham have been working away to continue last season's improvement and may join in a bit.

'Sam Allardyce taking over at Newcastle will, without question, make a difference to them and Everton have maintained their continuity by renewing a lot of their players' contracts.

'You can see quite an interesting battle developing but the question about whether the League will be more competitive than it has ever been is asked every year and I don't see the answer changing.

'You can go into the campaign expecting a tough competition but unfortunately it doesn't work out that way.

'Always, by January, you have two or three teams — usually two — who break away from the rest, as happened last season and the season before.

'On paper, it looks like it could be a great League but history says otherwise. You look at the trend and it tells you there are always just two teams who end up going for it'.