Last updated : 02 January 2003 By editor
Asked whether Arsenal could match their achievements of 2002, Wenger told his club website:

"Yes. It is always hard to win in such a competitivve world but it would be even greater to do better than last year. Look at the average age in the Premier League and we have the youngest squad. I don't like to say we are still learning necessarily but there is room for them for improvement. The younger you are, the more room there is to become a better player. That is why I think we can do even better. But of course the others compete as well and want to beat you, so it's hard."

"But I'm very confident. We know we can win it, and we know that what we need now is consistency. In my opinion the team is back on track and ready to find consistency again."

"We're not just great players - we are winners, as well. We're in a very good position and now I am very confident that we can win the title again."

"The difference between this year and last is that we now know we can win it. The team is back on track, they are focused on the championship and ready to go again."