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Last updated : 11 October 2007 By Editor

* Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez are on FIFA's shortlist for their world player of the year award.

Full list: Buffon (Juventus, Italy), Cannavaro (Real Madrid, Italy), Cech (Chelsea, Czech Rep), Ronaldo (Man Utd, Portugal), Deco (Barcelona, Portugal), Drogba (Chelsea, Ivory Coast), Essien (Chelsea, Ghana), Eto'o (Barcelona, Cameroon), Gattuso (AC Milan, Italy), Gerrard (Liverpool, England), Henry (Barcelona, France), Juninho (Lyon, Brazil), Kaka (AC Milan, Brazil), Klose (Bayern Munich, Germany), Lahm (Bayern Munich, Germany), Lampard (Chelsea, England), Marquez (Barcelona, Mexico), Messi (Barcelona, Argentina), Nesta (AC Milan, Italy), Pirlo (AC Milan, Italy), Ribery (Bayern Munich, France), Riquelme (Villarreal, Argentina), Ronaldinho (Barcelona, Brazil), Rooney (Man Utd, England), Terry (Chelsea, England), Tevez (Man Utd, Argentina), Thuram (Barcelona, France), Torres (Liverpool, Spain), Van Nistelrooy (Real Madrid, Holland), Vieira (Inter Milan, France).

* Kaka:

"I'm very happy at Milan - and I don't expect that situation to change.

"But if you want to talk hypothetically, if I were ever to leave it would have to be for a club of equal stature - and I think I would only find that in England or Spain.

"Manchester United are a wonderful side ... I like Arsenal too.

"As for Chelsea and Liverpool, they are more tactically-oriented; they base themselves on solidity and organisation. They are maybe less creative, but they have good managers. I especially admire Benitez."

* Mark Bosnich is a trialist with QPR after a few years on the party circuit.

"For quite a while I didn't miss football at all. But the most important thing now is my present and my future, although I'm not going to go begging people for a contract. I know I'm close to full fitness and I know I can do a job at the top level still."

* Sky:

Sporting Lisbon have denied that Manchester United have first refusal on Miguel Veloso.

Veloso, who can play in central defence or midfield, is the latest starlet off the Sporting production line to be linked with a move to Old Trafford.

United are very close to Sporting, having signed Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani from them in recent seasons. But a spokesman for the club has denied that Veloso, or any of his team-mates - have been promised to United.

"Manchester United do not have a preference on him (Veloso) or any other players of Sporting Lisbon," he told