Last updated : 11 January 2004 By Editor
Fifa president Sepp Blatter told the Sunday Times:

"We are in England at the end of February. We will
definitely try and meet. By then the case should be over. I
want to solve misunderstanding.

"If you are in a family then you should observe the
necessary discipline and respect to the rules of the family.
Sometimes they [big clubs] do not understand the role or the
part Fifa has to play and the responsibility a big club has
towards the whole family of Fifa.

"The Premiership is the most attractive league in the world
and the one with the highest audience, so it has more
responsibilities than others."

Blatter is angry that Ferdinand can still play after being

"I cannot understand this additional time of grace. If it
had been dealt with in accordance with the Fifa regulations
of the disciplinary committee then it should have been dealt
with directly by suspending the player.

"Once that wasn't done, we left it to the FA and we have
asked for the papers. When we have seen them we can say
whether we are happy or not happy. The length of the ban
didn't surprise me but we have to leave ourselves the option
to intervene if we are not happy. This is the duty of Fifa.

"The Ferdinand case will be the textbook case once it's