Last updated : 10 August 2004 By editor
'To tell players like Heinze and Ronaldo to not go to the Olympics because they could lose their job when they come back is definitely not in the spirit of solidarity,' said Blatter.

'This is not fair. The spirit of solidarity means you should say: `Go - and try to come back with a good experience. Try to come back without any injuries. Pay attention to yourself but bring back the experience of the Olympics, bring back the spirit into my team. And if you do that then everyone will take you back in your team with open arms. This will be good for the football team. This is what a coach should say. This is my message.'

He then goes on about players playing too many games !!!!!!!

'It is the number of games one player should or could play without putting into danger his health and keeping the pace to ensure football remains an attractive game,' he said.
'We must have working groups where the clubs and the players are represented. Don't forget that the actors on the field of play, those who give us this wonderful spectacular, which is football, are the footballers. We shall not forget that.'