Last updated : 19 January 2003 By Editor

"I have always said that the supporters pay for the right to voice their opinions. They are entitled to do that, whether I agree with that opinion or not.

"I know that every time I pull on a United shirt the pressure to perform is immense but it comes with the territory and I accept that.

"Of course there have been games when I've felt I haven't played well and the disappointment is immense. And you know that you have to work harder to put things right.

"I have never been a player who has been satisfied with underachievement and I am always striving to improve my game.

"Whether that is accomplished on the training ground or in a match, if I think I need to prove a point to myself or other people I will endeavour to do so.

"There has always been immense pressure on me, or any other player who plays for Manchester United, and I know the club don't owe me a living, I have to earn it.

"But as I have said so many times in the past, the manager has no favourites at this club and his only interest is ensuring that he puts out a winning side.

"And it doesn't matter who you are, if you're not playing well you have to accept the consequences."

"I have tired of the times I have had to say that I'm not interested in moving abroad.

"There was a time when I thought about it but once I decided to sign a new contract that effectively ended.

"Of course it's flattering to be linked with some of the great European sides.

"But time and time again I've had to ask myself, if I left here could I go to a bigger club anywhere in the world? The answer is no, because this is the biggest club in the world.

"I'm settled here and I have no ambitions to move away - and I will be happy if my career ends where it all started, at Manchester United."