Last updated : 21 April 2004 By Editor

"Roy will be a good leader for the many young players we have in the squad.

"He has earned the respect of most people in the football world and he will have the respect of our dressing room as well.

"I have spoken to some of the squad about his return and I do not envisage any problems.

"I know that many fans will not be happy with this decision and I understand the hurt and disappointment they felt at the time but I feel it is time to move on.

"I was not involved in any way in the events that took place prior to the last World Cup and while I can understand why some fans are annoyed, we all need to be mature regarding Roy's return and I am delighted he is available again."

"It was Roy who took the initiative and I have not spoken to Sir Alex about the matter.

"Roy made the approach and it was up to him to sort out his problems with Manchester United."