Last updated : 15 January 2007 By Editor
From the BBC:

Thirty Cardiff City football fans hope to have a birds-eye view of the next away game when they watch it from an airship above the pitch. It follows a decision by Wolverhampton Wanderers to ban all Bluebirds fans from the match on 20 January.

Organiser Steve Day believes no rules were being broken by spending "a few thousand" to charter the airship, which will fly in international air space. The ban follows crowd trouble at two previous matches.

The official supporters' clubs at both clubs have called for the ban to be scrapped. Mr Day said he and a friend came up with the idea after talks between the two clubs failed to overturn the ban on allowing Cardiff fans at the Molineux ground.

“Years ago my mate and I were going to hire an airship for a match we couldn't get tickets to,” he explained. “But the wind was bad and we eventually managed to get tickets so we never did it, so that's where the idea came from.

“We've been banned from going to the game and so we talked about it again. We looked at the rules and think there wouldn't be any problem in doing this because there is nothing about air restrictions in the ban.”

Mr Day said the airship which was "costing a few thousand" had been booked and had room for 30 people on-board. It will fly to the stadium and hover above the pitch for the duration of the game giving those on-board, armed with binoculars, an aerial view of the match.

“We will take a few drinks and sandwiches on-board and have a bit of fun. Apparently it's a bit rickety and it's non-smoking but it should be good.

“All those aboard are Cardiff City supporters and are aggrieved at not seeing the game and we wanted to make our point and have a bit of fun. We looked at the law and found a loophole.”

West Midlands Police said the flight was a matter for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).