Last updated : 25 June 2004 By editor

In what could easily be interpreted as a judgement on Kevin Keegan's willingness to buy any old bagman looking for his last pay day on the Premier League gravy train the Director of City's youth academy raises concerns about the number of sub-standard foreign players.

"I think that there is concern over the number of foreign players in this country," Cassell told the MEN.

"I don't object to the top players coming in, but I looked through a lot of the signings at some big clubs and I can't remember the names of some of the players now. That money I believe would have been better used in the local game."

"The reasons foreign players came here initially was that transfer fees were spiralling and players were maybe not proving to be worth the money. But everything goes in full circle and I think what we are seeing now is a lot of fool's gold in the foreign players."