Clean Sheets All Very Good

Last updated : 04 October 2007 By Editor


"You like to keep clean sheets but Manchester United is not just about winning games. We have to entertain the fans.

"The supporters pay good money to come here and the whole heritage of Manchester United is based on attacking and free-flowing football. We are aiming to get to that level. It is made plain to you here that fans expect to be on the edge of their seat.

"All of our attacking players have been out of the team for one reason or another, so they are not all 100 per cent fit and raring to go. You have seen the forwards playing to only a fraction of what they did last season, but we are still winning games.

"There are glimpses that we are beginning to get it right. Wayne Rooney's goal was a brilliant strike and he is coming back to 100 per cent. It was a fantastic finish and the more of those the better, not just for us but for England.

"A fit and firing Wayne Rooney is a massive bonus to any side and the fact that he is back in the England squad is great news. I just hope he can bring his United form into the England matches, because we need him to get through.

"We are not managing to score many goals, but we will keep taking 1-0s. The team as a whole is defending a lot better this season. We are defending from further up front, which makes it a lot easier for us at the back to do our jobs."


"The clean sheet is very good.

"I know everyone talks about the four defenders and the goalkeeper but in actual fact, the first defenders are the strikers, so we all deserve credit.

"But I am proud that we don't concede goals. For a defender when you don't concede a goal it is as good as a striker scoring.

"Having said that, it would be easier for us all if we scored more. But I am not worried. That will come in the future."