Last updated : 28 January 2004 By Editor
One of the questions asked in the infamous Coolmore letter
is whether or not Rio Ferdinand should be paid while he is
suspended. However they did not take into account the FA
Rule which would mean that Ferdinand would be entitled to
leave for nothing should we suspend his wages.

Coolmore asked: "Are we to understand the board has
authorised the continuation of his full salary as if he is
playing while he is in fact suspended?"

But a Manchester United insider told The Sun:

“It might seem to them that it is a good idea to stop Rio’s
wages — but in practice it cannot be done. The club is
obliged to pay Rio Ferdinand unless they want to get rid of

Fergie confirmed: “He will still be paid. And he will be
training with the squad every day. We could have sent him
off for a month’s holiday if we wanted but we are not going
to do that at the moment.”