Council supports Old Trafford ACV

The decision effectively means United's home since 1910 cannot be used for any other purpose than its present one and has been seen as a victory for the Manchester United Supporters' Trust.

The trust's move to request the nomination was to block any desire the Glazer family might have of leaving Old Trafford at some point in the future, even though it has been stressed many times by the club such a move is not on the agenda.

And having already invested ?90million on the ground since the Glazer takeover and knowing, outside of Wembley, Old Trafford is regarded as the most prestigious stadium in England, it is highly unlikely ever to be so.

Yet the club did oppose the nomination and there is a counter argument that it would not prevent United moving out of Old Trafford, merely prevent the land being used for anything else.

United released a statement which read: ''The club has received the decision by Trafford Council.

''Old Trafford is, of course, a special place; it is the heart and soul of the club.

''The club obviously sees it the same way, which is why over the last eight years it has demonstrated its commitment to Old Trafford by spending around £90million upgrading its facilities and it will continue that investment in the future.

''We do have concerns that the legislation is not being applied correctly which could set a precedent throughout the country.

''Therefore, we have asked the council to follow the statutory review process to ensure the legislation is being applied as intended and we shall continue to keep open communication with the council.''

Source: PA

Source: PA