Last updated : 15 January 2003 By Editor
If Premiership survival is at risk and you have already got six first team strikers, instead of shoring up the defence or maybe putting a bit more muscle in midfield why not follow the Kevin Keegan school of football and buy a seventh striker?

Ex-vermin striker Robbie Fowler is due to sign for the Liars today (if he passes his medical) and the players have got over excited about their latest acquisition. Steve Howey seems to think they are buying a world-beater and not a 'could have been'. Speaking to Radio 5 Howey said:

"Obviously someone of Robbie's calibre is going to add a massive amount of quality to our squad and I'm delighted,"

"Robbie is the best finisher in the whole of the country along with Alan Shearer.

"If we got Robbie we would have a forward line to be in awe of."

I wonder if he is looking forward to playing the likes of Burnley and Gillingham next season.