Last updated : 22 January 2006 By Ed

Winter's book is serialised in the NOTW:

Just a week after stunned eye witnesses watched the Manchester United manager launch a disgraceful f-word tirade at referee Steve Bennett, former official Jeff Winter insists Fergie has been doing it for years.

In an explosive News of the World exclusive, Winter reveals what really happened when Fergie was hauled up by the FA on his last misconduct charge and claims:

The only video evidence was edited.

The FA's compliance officer advised Fergie to plead guilty.

Ferguson's mind games damage soccer's image.

Winter declared: "United believe they are above the law and have the right to bully refs.

"Gary Neville seemed to epitomise United's snarling and arrogant attitude.

"He was always in my face when things didn't go their way, but in the eyes of their manager he didn't do much wrong. Nobody has been more adept at questioning my decisions than Sir Alex Ferguson.

"I have tremendous respect for his achievements as a manager, but his mind games don't enhance the image of the game and his arrogance has led to him being an unpopular figure."