Last updated : 26 September 2004 By Editor
A new Red Issue was out on Monday with all the usual guff as well as an exclusive interview with Alan Smith, so good Sky Sports nicked bits of it (see below). RI is still only £1.50, subscribe online and ensure every copy is sent straight to your door.

Alan Smith has revealed he turned down Liverpool and a host of other clubs from Britain and abroad to sign for United.

"A couple of clubs abroad were interested but I wasn't ready for that sort of move.

"Liverpool, Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Glasgow Rangers as well, but they were irrelevant to me. I wanted to come here.

"I think you have to realise when you come here that you are not going to play in every game," he insisted.

"We need four good strikers and I think we've got that. We also have a good variation of styles between us as well. I think we'll all be needed."