Last updated : 12 January 2003 By Editor

Blackmore in The MEN:

They are not going to do any good groaning every time he makes a mistake.

"Real United supporters support United and encourage players by getting behind them. If a player is having a bad time moaning and groaning will not make it any better.

"They should get off Ryan's case."

For weeks speculation has linked Giggs with a move to Italian giants Inter Milan and even though the player has denied any interest and pledged his future to United, Blackmore says the Old Trafford boo-boys could instead force the Welsh winger to change his mind about a move abroad.

"To be honest, the way the crowd are going on they are going to drive him out," Blackmore added.

It won't be Ryan's choice as he loves Manchester. He is like me, I came up here when I was 16 years old and I love it.

"It is the best place in the world for me and I don't think Ryan will want to move, but the way the crowd is getting on his back, why should he bother?

"He is working as hard as he can to try to entertain them and at the moment he is having a bad time of it, but if they get off his back and get behind him he might start producing for them again."