Last updated : 15 December 2004 By editor

As we reported here last week the boneheads at Exeter City's sponsors flybe offered £1,000 for each Exeter City goal that was celebrated with an aeroplane impression.

IMUSA pointed out to them the error of their ways and they have backed off.

From Exeter Express & Echo:

Exeter City’s sponsors flybe have ditched plans to reward aeroplane celebrations at Old Trafford — as a mark of respect for the Munich air disaster.

Flybe general marketing manager Simon Lilley said: "It was flagged up to me last week, but it started to kick off with the Manchester United Supporters’ Club. We have withdrawn the celebration idea to be respectful to the club. But we are still more than happy to give £1,000 for every goal scored."

"We did this to generate some funds for Exeter City and it was all meant in good heart and obviously in the normal scheme of things we wouldn’t have to consider the likes of Manchester United and their supporters and what they have been through in the past. But now we understand their situation we have taken steps to address that."

Mark Longden, press officer for the Independent Manchester United Supporters’ Association, said:

"While the Manchester United fans would not want to take any enjoyment away from Exeter’s big day out, it is probably wise, under the circumstances, not to adopt this type of celebration. Unfortunately we still have other clubs like Leeds United, Bolton, Manchester City and Liverpool who are disrespectful when it comes to Munich. But we hope we can get a bumper house for Exeter at Old Trafford and help them out financially."