Last updated : 11 January 2004 By Editor
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Fergie with some advice for Strachan:

"There may be reasons, genuine reasons why he has to quit.
They may be personal reasons, but Gordon has always been the
type who has loved his football. You can see his enthusiasm
every week when he is on the touchline.

"Whether this is a break away for him to come back I just
don't know but his enthusiasm has really generated that club
in the last two years. Unfortunately you just can't pick
your moments in this game. You are soon forgotten. When you
live the day, you live the day, but sometimes you don't have
a tomorrow.

"When I first came down here there were quite a few
managerial changes and you never heard from them again. Once
you get out of this game it is hard to get back in. Look at
Peter Reid right now. He comes along to our training and I
speak to him quite a lot. George Graham is another.
Sometimes it just doesn't fall for you. When you are out you
are lost.”

And also some support for Bobby Robson:

"Newcastle are very lucky to have Sir Bobby Robson as
manager. When they needed someone with experience to go in
and stabilise the club he did it and now, like myself, he is
building a structure for the future.

"If you look at the likes of Jermaine Jenas, Kieron Dyer,
Titus Bramble and Jonathan Woodgate you see the elements of
a Newcastle team for years ahead. Sometimes supporters, the
press and even directors don't recognise these things.

"To manage a big club like Newcastle, you need someone with
vision, ability and a great personality. You just don't come
across people like that all the time and Newcastle did well
to get him."