Last updated : 04 January 2004 By Editor


"We are looking at some situations but it is not easy.

"Since the Champions League started we have always had the possibility of adding to our squad in January but what the transfer window has done is accelerated the speculation and the interest about who is going to be coming in.

"It doesn't change my job at all. Maybe it makes the situation more frantic at other clubs but certainly not here. At this moment in time we are just looking. We are looking at one or two things, and hopefully something might happen. But it is not as easy as everyone thinks.

"I keep saying this every January but no-one seems to listen! Anyone who has played in a UEFA competition is out of the equation, so that narrows it down."

"A lot of clubs complain about it but I think you should give it a chance.

"The important thing about it is that it makes every club the same right across Europe.

"In the past, some countries operated with a transfer window and some didn't. I always think we should be operating on the same playing field."