Last updated : 11 August 2004 By Editor

Blatter: "What a coach should say is `go, and bring back the experience and spirit of the Olympics to my team'. Playing in the Olympics is something players cherish."

SAF: "Everyone has their own view in life and some people are one-sided and that's the way it is at the moment.

"We are disappointed to lose players to the Olympic Games. I don't know how many rules there are - for professionals, amateurs, under-23 or over-age, there seems to be a flexible arrangement there."

Meanwhile the Portuguese FA release a statement saying that Ronaldo is fit: (guilty conscience perhaps?)

"The player Cristiano Ronaldo arrived at the training camp on August 1.

"He was examined by the medical department of the FPF as he had been diagnosed as tired which for the start of the season is not surprising," said the statement from team doctor Nuno Campos.

"During the training camp, the player did a reduced training schedule and specific treatment and only took part on 45 minutes of the game with Paraguay.

"On August 7, Cristiano Ronaldo underwent a magnetic resonances scan, not for medical reasons and nor for any specific symptoms but because the manager of Manchester United had insisted on it.

"Given that the medical examination and the scan were negative the player was considered fit to continue playing for the national team although with a training schedule that is suitable for the start of the season.

"Regarding the injury mentioned, two orthopaedic specialists were consulted and they agreed with our decision."