Last updated : 27 December 2004 By editor

"We controlled the game for most of the match and we had some good chances to finish them off. But it seemed like we wanted to make sure the turkey was well digested before we got the second goal! Bolton are a very resolute and determined team and you always feel very cautious when you go into the last fifteen minutes of a match with them. But I think we defended very well and I don't think they had any chances in the match."

Ferguson also emphasised the need to keep getting results.

"We had some good chances in the first half but the important thing was we played well and controlled the game. Ryan Giggs was marvellous today but there were also some other good performances out there which is pleasing at this time of year. We've carried on the consistency of our performances but we also need consistent results in order to keep the chase going on the two leaders."

Everyone is expecting Wayne Rooney to get a ban but Ferguson thinks otherwise.

"I saw the incident on the monitor and the Bolton player should be embarrassed, he really should - there was absolutely nothing in it. To be fair to the referee today his performance was as good as any I've seen this season - he did very well and tried to let things go which I think both teams appreciated."

Looking forward to Villa:

"Scholes hasn't trained all week because of a flu virus. He didn't feel too bad yesterday but the best thing to do was to put him on the bench. Gary Neville and Eric Djemba-Djemba also went down with it and we had to send them home before the game today. Hopefully it clears up by Tuesday."

"I thought Villa played well at Chelsea today, particularly in the first half. They've got some good young players who are emerging through the ranks and David O'Leary's done well to give them a chance in the team."