Last updated : 28 January 2007 By Ed

"I would do it all again."

"I took my badges when I was 23 or 24 and went on coaching courses every year to either Largs or Lilleshall.

"I was preparing myself to be a coach or a manager as soon as I finished playing.

"I have had players who have said 'I will never become a manager'. Then they do.

"They get to the end of their careers and the bug gets at them. They want to stay in the game. That is what creates the insanity among them all.

"Darren is serious about the job and is working his socks off already."

"But management is changing. There are very few like myself around now.

"It will end up being coaches and general managers, or directors of football, which is a title you see coming up quite regularly now.

"So long as the ultimate control is with the coach, it will make it easier."

* New Peterborough manager Fergie Jnr lost his first match 0-1 to Lincoln.