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"I think Mourinho will be there next year.

"I haven't really paid any attention to talk about his future because, in all the time Roman Abramovich has been in this country, I have never heard him say anything.

"He never comments on anything so how anyone has got information on Jose's future is beyond me. I don't think there is a great substance to these reports and I am sure he will be here next year.

"Jose has this continual dialogue and sometimes it is enjoyable to have a go back.

"Maybe we can get a bit too focused on matches and too intense about the game. Jose brings another agenda which you can join in if you want to or just sit back and enjoy what he has to say if you don't.

"Buying big does not necessarily mean you will be successful. You only have to see the trouble Leeds are in now for an example of that. But when you buy players of real quality, as Chelsea have, you expect to get success.

"I don't know what they will do this summer but I am sure they will buy three or four players."