Last updated : 23 January 2003 By NWAF
Ananova report:

'Football matches are the perfect places to find love, according to new
research. Relationship expert Susan Quilliam rated football stadiums
alongside restaurants, bars, theatre, walks and cinema to see how they
matched up in five categories necessary for a perfect date.

Football matches came top of the league, providing couples with an external
event to alleviate date-related stress, conversation topics, and an insight into
each others' character through spontaneous raw emotions.

The five key ingredients for romance included informality, body language,
verbal communication, emotional exposure and emotional bonding. Ms
Quilliam said: "The football terrace may not have the classic romantic
elements, such as champagne or roses, but it does offer an arena in which
you can share a roller coaster of emotional and physical reactions.

"These are the key factors in finding romance and with more couples going to
matches than ever before, the football stadium could become the dance floor
of the future."'

Rest assured that NWAF are monitoring the situation carefully.