Last updated : 01 June 2004 By editor

Darren Fletcher's mum watched him play for the first time against Trinidad and Tobago.

Fletcher said after the game: "It was a great first-half performance in Edinburgh, with my mum in the crowd for the first time with my dad and little sister. So it was a very special day. After I scored I was looking for my mum in the stand because it was the first time she'd come along to watch me play. I just said to her, `mum, you've got to come some time. It's close to home and she could always hide in the toilet if she got too nervous.'

Former Scotland manager Andy Roxborough compares Fletcher to Scotland's past midfielders.

"I think it's daft sometimes to link a modern boy with an old star because you put a burden on them in a way. What I would say is that this is a boy with the potential to be a great international player for Scotland. I find it hard to compare him with anyone. He sees the game very well and he passes very well. There's been a lot of players in Scotland who were really good passers of the ball like Dalglish, Souness and others like Gordon Strachan. But the boy has an elegance about him by the way he moves and how he tries to simplify the game and that's what good players do."

"The big danger with a young player like that is that people put too much weight on his shoulders," he said. At Manchester United he's just another one of their good players. The problem is that saying to him `you're the man, you're Scotland's number one' is incredible pressure to put on the boy. But when you're trying to rebuild you're looking for signs and he's a very positive sign."