Last updated : 29 January 2003 By Editor
This from The Sun.

He's hardly the man with no name. In fact, mention David Beckham to anyone anywhere in the world and they'll know who you're talking about. But the Manchester United skipper will soon be appearing on screens nationwide as a cowboy with all guns blazing. Beckham stars in a new Pepsi ad - filmed on location in Almeria, Spain where the famous Spaghetti Westerns were shot - but the only shootouts involve those with penalties.

The star-studded ad features players from Manchester United and Real Madrid and takes its inspiration from the Gunfight at the OK Corral. Beckham admitted:
"I used to play cowboys and Indians as a boy. I was always a cowboy, though."
In the saloon are Real Madrid stars playing cards. Beckham said: "I walk into a bar and the Real keeper Casillas is in there and drinks my Pepsi. So I take him outside for a penalty shootout and it goes on from there."

As well as Becks, Gary Nev Ole Gunnar Solskjear, Giggs and Veron have acted in the ad. Veron said: "Spending a day as a cowboy was an escape. It was very funny, especially seeing my team-mates dressed up in these outfits."

Neville said: "It's the first film I've done. There was a good spirit about the whole thing."

What next? Liverpool doing an advert for petrol in the style of Ali Ba Ba and the 40 thieves.