Last updated : 05 August 2004 By editor

Diego Forlan seems to be attempting to ignore the speculation surrounding his future. "I read things or hear what people are saying but that doesn't mean it is true, I am still here and I have two years left on my contract. I am a Manchester United player and I am happy to be here.

"Only one person will decide if I am going to leave or not and that is the manager. When he comes and tells me I have to go, I know I will be going. Until then I won't even think about it.''

He feels that he needs a run of matches to show what he is really worth, although it does seem unlikely that he will get such an opportunity at United. "I get better when I play quite a few games on the trot.

"Playing once in a while is not the same as playing every game. When I was at Independiente, I was playing in every match and that builds your confidence."