Last updated : 20 January 2003 By editor

The weekend’s papers were full of stories about boardroom splits and a rift between manager and chairman so what do city do? They do what comes natural of course, and try to lie their way out of the problem.

The Vice-Chairman Mr Wardle:

"The manager will decide who he would like to bring in, the manager will talk to agents and players, the manager will negotiate a deal and the board will be there to assist him should he require it. That is what teamwork is all about."

The Manager Mr Keegan:

‘The concerns [of Bernstein] were that Robbie had not played a full 90 minutes for a long time, so he went back to Leeds. I wasn't privy to his conversation with [the Leeds chairman] Peter Ridsdale, but I know it was about changing the deal," said Keegan.

"After that, Robbie tells me he was getting the wrong vibes. I don't think any blame can be attached to him, or Leeds for that matter. But at our end we have to take a look at this and see what we could have done better. As far as I'm concerned there were things that we've done that were not right and that I would not have done myself."

"We're not talking about a piece of meat here, we're talking about a human-being with human feelings," said Keegan. "We had agreed a deal and the fact is that Robbie would be here if we had stuck to that original deal. I run the club to a point. After that, other people have to make decisions. And some decisions are made for you that you don't like."

The Chairman – Mr Bernstein:

"I'm very sorry Robbie has changed his mind but I don't think it's my fault," said Bernstein. "As a club, we have to behave responsibly and act carefully. Kevin may think there are times when I act too carefully but I am just doing my job."