Last updated : 28 December 2006 By Ed

Steve Coppell:

"Not only does he provide goals but he is such a strong goalscorer himself. He is the current player, more than any other, who is right at the top of his game.

"And not only is he a terrific player but a huge physical specimen as well.

"He has got to be nearly 6ft 3ins and weight 13 or 14 stones. He has a quick left foot and right foot so the list is endless and his qualities are immense.

"He is unique in the way he controls the ball with his step-overs and you can almost guarantee that every week you will see a trick on the ball that no-one else appears to do."

Coppell mentions Ronaldo's current (and hopefully lasting) restraint at histrionics:

"That comes with maturity. You react to everybody around, whether that be the crowd, peer pressure or just commonsense after seeing yourself on TV."