Gary Neville explains what Man Utd need to do to win the Premier League

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has insisted that his former club have to play more as a team like Chelsea do, if they want to win the Premier League this season.

Despite taking 13 points from a possible 15 so far, with only goal difference keeping them off the top of the table, United’s performances have largely been fragmented and disjointed.

The same was true against West Ham on Sunday when David de Gea’s late penalty save secured a 2-1 win, after Jesse Lingard had earlier struck what proved to be the winner with a piece of individual magic.

Neville admitted that this is what has come to be expected from United, and it leaves Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side lagging behind Chelsea as their wins don’t seem to come as easily.

“Manchester United were fortunate in the end but this is what they are - 'the odd bunch' that play in moments during games,” the retired right-back told Sky Sports.

Shortly after United scraped their win against West Ham, Chelsea demolished Tottenham.

“United's team performance was nothing like what we saw from Chelsea and that's why I've been saying that the best team will win the league,” Neville explained.

“If Manchester United go on and win this league, it'll be through momentum and it'll be through moments and it'll be through having so many wonderful players in forward positions. But with Chelsea, the champions of Europe, they're a better team when you watch them. Our eyes don't lie.”

United and Chelsea are due to meet in the Premier League in late November. Solskjaer’s team are also set to face Liverpool, currently second, in the last week of October. The title picture will be a lot clearer after these games.

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Source : 90min