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The Times:

Giggs is 43 appearances away from Charlton's record of 754 games for United and could surpass the mark in 2007-08, having played 44 in the 2006-07 campaign. "I don't like talking about it because it might never happen. I'll talk about it if it happens," he said.

What about the long haul that is the race for the Premier League title? During Chelsea's preseason tour, Jose Mourinho suggested his side had the measure of United, after their victory in the FA Cup final.

Giggs smirked at that one and said: "We're very close as teams but we might have the edge over them going into the season because we are the league champions."

More Giggs quotes:

"That would be brilliant for the [50 years since Munich] anniversary. It would be unbelievable.

"Everyone knows what it means to the club, the Busby era and what happened at Munich

"Every signing that comes to the club knows the history and everything behind the club and Munich is a big part of it. It's why we've got so many fans around the world. It all stemmed from that time, really."

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"When you win it for the first time it does give you the confidence and belief.

"The experience of being in positions like last year, during important games at Liverpool and Fulham away when we came up with late goals, will be vital.

"Wayne and Cristiano are still so young and they will keep on improving and keep working at their game.

"People forget how young they are because they are so consistent at such a young age, it's unbelievable.

"It's a great prospect for us but a frightening one for everyone else.

"And now they have won their first title, it will only make them more dangerous.

"United and Chelsea are very close and all of the top four clubs are capable of winning the title.

"But I feel as we are the champions, we will hopefully have the edge going into the season."