Last updated : 13 May 2007 By Editor

"All these records don't mean a lot while I'm playing. I'm proud of what I've done but I'll think about it a lot more when I'm finished. I'll probably get out the tapes and DVDs then, but not now.

"I'm not running up and down the wing as much. You're saving your energy, just trying to use your experience and positional sense, to be clever really, to get in the right positions in attack and defensively.

"As a teenager, you get the ball and you are looking for the full-back because you want to beat him. But I was always keen to develop my style, like John Barnes at Liverpool, who was someone I looked up to.

"Certain players in this team do give you a new lease of life.

"You get a buzz watching them play. I remember my first championship. It was the best feeling in the world and now seeing the likes of Rooney and Ronaldo, Fletcher and O'Shea just so happy gives you a lift.

"Potentially it can be the best [team he has played with], definitely, because of the quality within the team and the age as well. So many players are at the start of their careers or just starting to hit their peak, Rio Ferdinand, Wayne, Cristiano, Nemanja Vidic.

"There are so many different characters from so many different backgrounds and there has been a really good team spirit.The likes of Wayne and Cristiano are young, then you have got Gary Neville walking around moaning about everything.

"Everyone takes the mick out of everyone else every day. You can walk in wearing what you think is a half-decent top but if they think it's dodgy it goes up in the middle of the room.

"The quality is there in depth as well and the hunger will be. You need things to go right for you but potentially it can be very, very good if they're consistent over the next five years.

"The Champions League is the next step up. Though you don't prioritise, this year we wanted to win the Premiership."