Last updated : 14 January 2007 By Ed

The Indie:

"We're playing exciting football, we've got some exciting young players, not just the obvious Rooney and Ronaldo but others who are equally exciting. As long as that continues, it would be a joy and a privilege to play in that sort of team. Henrik [Larsson] has given everyone a boost. With his fitness and his experience - and his age! There are three or four older than me now. But I try everything to prolong my career and to stay sharp and fit."

Another 18 months of first-team football, until the end of his contract, ought to take him past Sir Bobby Charlton's club record of 759 appearances. After that he will be 34, acknowledgment of which might be considered depressing but is currently adding to the enjoyment of a potentially memorable season: "At 21 you think it's never going to end. When you can see the finishing line, you want to enjoy every game of every season. I don't know if I've got another United contract in me, 18 months is a long way away. If I'm still playing well and consistently, I'd like to stay. I would not want to go anywhere else."

Sunday Mirror:

Giggs will be honoured for his services to football by the Football Writers' Association at a gala dinner in London tonight, and [Bobby] Charlton said: "I would hand Ryan the record now if it was possible.

"He's been a great credit to his family and to the club. I've only one word to describe him - marvellous.

"To be honest he's playing more consistently this year than he's ever played. It's amazing.

He's doing the right things. He used to give the ball away a little bit too frequently, but now he very rarely does that.

"It says everything that Ryan is integral to the team that Sir Alex Fergson is building at the moment.

"I first saw Ryan as a young lad when Alex asked me if I wanted to come and see some trials down at United's Littleton Road training ground.

"I was walking over towards one game when I saw this young lad. He just flew across the pitch, shot and brought out this fantastic save from the keeper.

"Alex was there and I said to him, 'Who was that, who was that?' He told me, 'That's Ryan Wilson. We've just signed him this morning and he's going to be a star'.

"You often see gifted kids and think they are going to have a great future, but it doesn't happen. That hasn't been the case with Ryan.

"He's been fantastic. He's a marvellous professional who just loves playing the game.

"They used to say any kid with dark hair was the next George Best, but with Ryan I knew immediately that it was a valid comparison - although he runs a lot quicker than even George did!"