Last updated : 27 August 2004 By editor

David Gill:

"All I can tell you is to reiterate what we put out to the stock exchange this morning. We confirmed, following media speculation, that we had made a bid for Wayne. That is the case and I won't make any further announcement until, and if, we reach agreement with both Everton and the player.

"I'm hearing that (Everton rejecting the bid) but, literally, I've been in the draw and it's been released in the last few minutes so I've not had chance to discuss it with the manager. So it would be inappropriate to discuss it at this moment in time.

"Five days? (Until the deadline). A lot can happen in five days or whatever but we've got to do what is right for Manchester United, what is right for Wayne Rooney and what is right for Everton. It takes three to effect a transfer and we'll see what happens."

Why on earth do we have to do what is right for Everton? Meanwhile Freddy Shepherd had this to say yesterday as the transfer ‘battle’ continues:

"I went to see Bill Kenwright yesterday. He is a friend but we both know that business is business. He has to do what is best for Everton Football Club, just as I have to do my best for Newcastle United.

"Obviously, we don't know what is going to happen, but we certainly have not given up hope of signing Rooney just because Manchester United have come in. We are still giving it our best shot."