Last updated : 29 January 2007 By Editor
David ‘lapdog' Gill was on Radio 5 yesterday and insisted that Ronaldo would not be moving to Madrid, but then admitted it was not his call, as only the Glazers could decide:

“We've had no offer for him. Ronaldo signed a new contract to stay with the team until 2010. As Alex said, players we want to stay at the club will stay at the club. The big clubs may speak about it but they know we are not a club that sells its prized assets. There is no way that would be countenanced.

“It would be turned down straight away. It would be a very short call. I would put it to the Glazers as a matter of good governance. I would explain it, because that's my job, but I think it would be a very quick call.

“If the manager says 'no' they would go along with that. They understand sport and want to invest in talent rather than sell our top talent.

“As Arsene Wenger has said on many occasions, football clubs are not banks. We are here to provide top class entertainment, putting out a top-class team, and there is no point having £35m or £45m if we cannot replace that talent.”

The Sun reports:

Ronaldo is interested in a move to Real Madrid despite a gagging order from Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Portuguese winker met with Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson and assistant Carlos Quieroz on Saturday and was banned from speaking about a switch to Spain.

But Ronaldo made his feelings clear when offered the chance to see a mocked-up picture of himself in a Real Madrid shirt in a Spanish newspaper.
He said: “What day is that front page from? Let me see it.”

The 21-year-old had earlier said: “I know of the interest of Real Madrid, but I can say nothing. I met with Carlos Queiroz and Alex Ferguson and they prohibited me to speak of Real Madrid. You must understand because I do not want any problem.”