Last updated : 08 January 2003 By Editor
The official shite mustered up some really taxing questions for Wes Brown.

You missed out on the Derby. As a Manchester lad, how much are you looking forward to the return of City to Old Trafford?

I can't wait! I was gutted when we were beaten and I can't wait to get back at them. I love playing in Derby games – they're great for us players and for the fans. We all look forward to those games. We'll be out for revenge this time.

Coming from the area, is it easier or harder to handle everything that comes with being a Manchester United player?

It's easier I think. Because I've lived here all my life I know a lot of people that I've grown up with and they just think of me as Wes, not as a footballer. That's good. Then there's the crowd – they love a local lad coming through the ranks.

Which players are you most friendly with off the pitch?

Probably the young lads who I grew up with here – Luke Chadwick, John O'Shea. I grew up with them and we've always been in the same dressing rooms as we've moved up the teams. That's why they're in the same gang as me.

In partnership with Mikael Silvestre you have kept clean sheets recently against Liverpool, Arsenal and Deportivo – what is he like to play alongside?

He's a big strong lad, very physical and he knows what he's doing. He plays centre-back for France so he knows what he's doing, even though he's mainly a full-back here. He looks like he's always played at centre-back!

Why do you think you have been so effective together?

We work hard, and try and not let players have a lot of space on the ball. We try to get to them quick and put them under pressure. If we as a team can push up with midfielders like Phil Neville helping out, then that helps as well.

You came up against Owen, Henry and Tristan in those matches – What are they like to mark individually and who would you say caused United the most problems in those matches?

They're all equally good in their own way. Henry likes to get the ball and run at you, so we had to deal with that and I think we did pretty well. Owen likes the little balls threaded through. It helps knowing what each striker likes to do, that gives you a good chance against them. Preparation helps, but positional play comes into a lot as well. If it comes off on the night you should be OK.