Last updated : 22 January 2006 By Ed

"Brentford is now controlled by the supporters, which is the way a lot of clubs should be.

"The club can't spend more than it's got because it is now run by the supporters. The idea that the supporters should be responsible for the club was a great one for Brentford and a great one for football. The fans are the constant factor in football clubs and I like the idea of the way they are in control of the club.
"That wasn't a very good idea. It's ended up being owned by a bunch of people who don't even know what Manchester United is and certainly don't care much about it."

"Manchester United was always incredibly well run. They built that whole ground out of hard cash flow. They had no debt until Mr Glazer decided to buy it and stick so much debt on it.

"The club didn't need it as it didn't have any debt but now it is saddled with a phenomenal amount. If you suddenly don't get into the Champions League, the economics of it don't work. The club didn't take the risks - it was the Glazers who took the risks.

"I was at Manchester United in the years that they won almost everything. I was there when Rupert Murdoch tried to buy it and I was largely the one person who opposed it. I think Manchester United didn't need Sky any more than it needed the Glazers."