Last updated : 19 July 2007 By Ed
Edwin Van Der Sar has said he won't be changing his training routine to make up for the mistakes he has made since Easter.

"It is a mistake if you work harder to make up for errors," he said.

"You have to stick to your routines.

"I didn't have the same consistency at the end of the season as I had in the previous part of the season. I don't know why.

"It is difficult to be 100 per cent over the whole year but there were a couple of things not to my satisfaction.

"You have to analyse what happened and think about it - but then you have to get on with it."

No more long term contracts.

"If you are 28, you might sign a four or five-year contract and think it might be your last. If you are 21, you might sign a five-year contract for your future. I am not at that age, so I am not worried about the situation.

"I have to take things step by step and make sure I still get pleasure out of the game.

"I had a good rest in the summer and went on a couple of nice holidays with my family to take my mind off the game.

"But I am enjoying pre-season and have done everything everybody else has done without any niggles or anything. That is the main thing."