Last updated : 15 January 2003 By Editor
Bryan Robson believes that Paul Scholes will score at least 20 goals this season. This from Manchesteronline.

"He's a fantastic striker of a ball and as good as I have ever seen. He hits a football like the world's best golfers strike through with their shots. It's a fantastic technique.

"Not only that but he has this special knack of timing runs into the danger area. Defenders can often learn to read a striker's run or positioning but picking up a midfielder who steals in from deep is the most difficult marking job for defenders to cope with.

"Paul gets double figures most seasons but now I think he is definitely capable of getting 20 to his name.

"He has unquestionably been the most consistent performer. He's had no little blips at all even during the spell when United were having a tough time he kept his form.

He also thinks Scholesy has got to grips with his 'new' role.

"No matter how much you think a player may be suited to a certain task it can take a while to adapt," Bryan adds.

"But now he's playing the role as well as anyone I know. Zinedine Zidane at Real Madrid operates in a similar way, as does Dennis Bergkamp at Arsenal. However, through injuries and selection they've not been doing it to Paul's standards week in, week out.

"It's an illustrious pair to be compared with but that is the heights Paul Scholes has taken his game to.

"I've talked about his goalscoring but he is also a very intelligent player whose vision is outstanding. If you give Scholesy three options for a pass and he'll always pick the correct one. He has a terrific football brain.