Heinze Future To Be Decided Quickly

Last updated : 08 August 2007 By Editor

PL's Richard Scudamore:

"I think it'll all be resolved before the end of the transfer window.

"All parties want it resolved quickly. The machinery is in place to do that.

"We do this all the time. Often player disputes, if you look through our board minutes, any board meeting, we're dealing with various club/player disputes.

"We do these five, six, seven, eight times every month. It's not a new unique thing. It's high-profile, it's two high-profile clubs and a high-profile player."

Meanwhile Lou Macari cannot understand Heinze's stand:

"I can't understand the situation.

"I just can't understand what the player's looking for.

"He's at Manchester United, one of the biggest clubs in the world, he's adored by the fans, getting well paid. I just can't see what more he wants out of the game. The same applies to Frank Lampard - why won't he sign another contract at Chelsea?

"The longer that these players are in this position it affects their game, you could see that in the Community Shield where I thought Lampard was below par. Heinze has got himself in an awful position with the fact that it has been made public that he would like to play for Liverpool."