Heinze Sticks To His Guns

Last updated : 07 August 2007 By editor

The BBC report:

'Gabriel Heinze will take his dispute with Manchester United to a Premier League arbitration panel next week regarding his wish to leave the club. The Argentine wants to join Liverpool and claims he has a letter from United which would allow him to leave if a club offered a fee of £6.8m.

'However, United insist they made it clear Heinze would not be permitted to join one of their title rivals. Heinze, 29, has two years still remaining on his United contract.'

Heinze is quoted as saying, "I've spoken with the coach and I have insisted that my wish is to leave the club if a big offer appears on the table.

"Today the only such offer is from Liverpool and it is this that is causing the problem. Earlier in the summer I received a promise from United that I could leave if the deal was good for both parties and at the moment there is an offer from Liverpool.

"The coach is serious about this and I understand his view. But I am serious, too. My lawyers are studying the situation and I'm going to wait for a few days now to get a full report from them.

"All I want now is a swift solution to this saga. I've fulfilled my duties by returning for training and I will now carry on behaving like a professional. I will keep on coming to training and will see what happens. I have a muscle injury in my leg but it is only minor and will not keep me out for long.

"People keep saying that there's an offer for me from Juventus but I know nothing about it. Liverpool is the only offer so far. I don't want to spend time at the club just waiting and not playing as I don't think that is in the best interests of the club or myself."