Last updated : 05 January 2003 By Editor

β€œIt really doesn't interest me. Because of Houllier I was left in limbo when he kicked me out. For weeks he told me the deal taking me permanently from Paris St Germain was done and all the time he had no intention of signing me.

"Houllier even shook hands on the deal and said it was a formality. He even stopped me negotiating a move to another club while the whole saga dragged on - even now I don't know why.

"Thankfully my former Paris St Germain team-mate Ali Benarbia spoke to me about Keegan and he then told him I was interested in the move.

"I have a great deal of time for Keegan and when I met him I was very impressed. He is a great manager, who knows how to motivate people. "I'm not a selfish person or the troublemaker people like Houllier think I am. If the team does well that's all that matters to me. "But all I can do is go out and prove them wrong."