Last updated : 09 August 2004 By editor
We received the following email at RI Towers. If you can help out please do.

I am writing to you in the hope that you can help me find the banner which was stolen from Old Trafford on the 3/8/04.

It was 6ft x 4ft, Red, White & Black, with the letters M U F C on the top section, the club crest on the middle section and the words AMLWCH REDS on the bottom section.

It was draped over the wall behind the goal in the EAST STAND but at half time in the MAN UNITED v PSV game, it had been taken. I was told that 2 young lads aged 18-20 yrs had been seen taking it.

All I am asking is that the banner be returned, it can be handed in anonymously to the club if it is handed back and nothing more will be said about it [or contact RI about it and we can reunite them, no questions asked].

I am asking this, because I am a disabled supporter, who had to save up very hard for this banner, and I cannot afford to replace it, and I have been told that even though it was taken from inside the ground, I can not claim any form of insurance from the club for it.

If the people who took it, don`t want to send it back to the club, they could address it to Mickey Thomas, and he will arrange for us to get it back, as he finished his playing career with our local club in AMLWCH.

Hope you can help.