Last updated : 05 January 2003 By Editor

From The Sunday Mirror:

England star Rio Ferdinand is cheating on his girlfriend with an air hostess. The Manchester United defender has been romancing blonde Lauren Alcorn behind the back of long-term lover Rebecca Ellison.

Lauren is one of many women who have caught Rio's eye in recent months. I revealed just seven days ago how he has been wooing Pop Idols singer Sarah Whatmore despite living with pretty Rebecca.

A friend said: "Lauren sees a lot of Rio and they seem to get on very well. She is a little bit star-struck about the whole thing, and although she is desperate to keep it to herself she sometimes can't help herself from revealing details of the affair.

"Rio is very paranoid and tries to keep it all secret but he likes Lauren a lot. They never discuss Rio's girlfriend and just have fun together."

Last night Lauren insisted: "I met him on a flight to Las Vegas and the crew and I ended up going for a drink with him. There was a big group of us.

"I haven't seen him since and I haven't even got his phone number."

So there we have it.